Saturday, September 13, 2008

SWG Cheats - Crossing mustafar rivers without taking damage


For all of you who dont have a lava flea mount or anyways of lava travel it can get pretty tiresome when you want to get to a place on the map but have to cross like 4 of the islands to get there what would normally take you 6 minutes (with swoop/barc) will now take you about 18 seconds.

here is the list of steps

1. locate the lava waterfalls on ur map
2. drive to them on ur swoop/mount/walk etc
3. go to where the waterfall starts to fall off the cliff ( u see this is accually just an animation and isnt accually composed of anything but moving pictures
4. then walk on through u will accually see the sheet of lava seperate from the lava fall itself
5. just dont touch the lava sheet and ur golden
6. cross all 3 waterfalls to get to the other side in what would normally take you about 6-7 minutes now takes about 18 seconds xD

Because of the animation the devs cant fix this if they tried to lay a sheet under the flow it would mess up the look of the animation making it look as it is shooting out so in other words this exploit will be here for quite some time

This is postet all over the internet, but reader itsmememe claimes he was the first to post it on Tault unleashed. See belove post for more information, and joine the debate.


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