Saturday, September 27, 2008

SWG Exploit - Cheaper Mandalorian Armor


Well its like this

I found this out by playing around with an ingame friend and thought this would be good here...

Its like crafting a normal Mandalorian Helmet or Bracer (with afew exstra steps) but instead of useing Mandalorian armor parts (Binary liquid, Protective liquid coating) you just need all the components for a Jetpack (Jetpack stabilizer, Fuel despersal unit, Injector tank, Ducted fan, Jetpack Base, Alum Mineral) and the looted Bounty Hunter peice (Helmet or Bracer).

The steps aren't to hard but you'll need a Jedi with cloak (or GCW buffs) and the Trader (engineer):

-once both players are in the crafting room you need the trader to go up to the very top to the Mandalorian Armor crafting droid, place the Looted BH peice into the droid by dragging and dropping over it.

-This will spawn the DWB NPCs, at this pont the Jedi needs to run and agro the top and middle floor NPCs and hold agro till the trader has enough time to run down from the top floor to the second floor Jetpack crafting droid.

-The Trader needs to stay in the corner of the second floor platform (behind the droid) and the Jedi should cloak next to the wall (or pop GCW buffs).

-Then the Trader needs to drag and drop the 6 Jetpack parts over the Jetpack crafting Droid and then wait to start the Crafting process.

-After 15-30sec a screen will pop up and the trader needs to click "Continue", then the Jedi needs to run and take all the agro on the second floor and the top floor as the trader runs back up top and click on the Mandalorian Crafting Terminal to start the second Crafting process.

-Then a second screen will pop up and the Trader needs to click "Complete".

-After another 15-30 second wait the trader will receive the Mandalorian Armor Helmet or Bracer Schematic in there inventory.

This is harder to craft then a regular Mandalorian armor schematic BUT the point is you are saving alot more money...

All the JP parts might cost you 30-35mill and all the Mando parts might cost you 50-65mill so i think if you like the DWB and want to save money this will save you alot of time...

...also this is a easy way to make alot of money cause i just make the schematic selling it for 80mill buy afew more sets of JP parts and repeat the guide, i make over 1billion in the matter of days...just a note!!!

This bit is from a mmOverload. The best Star Wars Galaxies Exploit site on the net.

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Brendan on September 23, 2009 at 3:27 AM said...

Does this still work?

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