Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SWG Exploit: Legacy XP Dupe!


Quest: Pod Retrieval

NPC's: Watto

Method: Watto sends you out for a droid motivator... Travel from Mos Espa to Mos Entha and find An'Kwee. She knows where the motivator is, but won't tell until you proove yourself. She send you to Draknus... he will "test" you with three (very easy) speeder races. The races are against the clock and you have as many tries as you need. Once you have completed the races, Draknus will send you back to An'Kwee and she will give you the location of the part. Go get the part and get back to Mos Espa. When you get to Watto's shop, complete the quest. You'll get:

6885 XP
4200 Cr
Toxic Weapon Spray
Capacitor Overcharger

This is the important part!!!! Do not accept the next mission from Watto. Just stop talking to him altogether. When you go to speak to him again, he will ask about retrieving the motivator you just gave him (Why??? who knows??) and your only choices are "I haven't been there yet" and "Stop Conversation." Choose the first one, of course... same with the next (only one response) "My stupid datapad..." and again for "can you give me the info again." You will begin the mission again, except when you return to An'Kwee she'll send you to Draknus and (before you have a chance to run in his direction) the races will auto complete and you can go get the part. Get back to Watto's and do it again and again!!!

With a BARC and my ITV I have been able to repeat this in about 4 minutes. That means 103275 XP, 63000 Cr, 15 Toxic Weapon Sprays, and 15 Capacitor Overchargers per hour. For nothing. Super easy, no combat...

It's a beautiful thing!

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