Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SWG Exploit: Long Range officer buffs.


Get an officer bot (I use my stim bot) and put him in a safe house on the same planet as your desired pvp area. Now, go to that safehouse and group with the officer. Apply the buffs that do not have a timer, such as pistol mastery and tactics. After buffs are applied do a quicklog (Logout, then back in) with the officer. And there ya go. The buffs will now stick as long as you are on the same planet and same group as the officer.

NOTE: Officer buffs will drop if you die, or change duty status or go to another planet. So if you plan on being overt, go overt before you apply the buffs. Also, make sure the officer stays in that safehouse. And I have noticed that this bugs if you group with another officer.

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