Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SWG exploit: Repeatable XP Meat lump quests!


From the Meatlump theme park instance:

"Destroy all droids" quest. that is given out by Dorvin Kanu in the Meatlump hideout (-510 -4266)

You are instructed NOT to destroy the security droids in the instance or you will fail the quest... ignore that order. After you kill the first 2 security droids in the instance, you will fail the mission... but you will still have a few minutes to kill the remaining security droids before you leave... you need to leave the instance when you're done, if you allow it to eject you, you will start outside of the bunker (a minor inconvenience, but still annoying). All of the security droids will be scaled to your CL and take very little effort to put down. The best part is that you'll net around 2k per security droid with buffs (it takes 3-4 minutes to take out 12-15 security droids and leave) 2k per droids at 15 droids is 30k XP every 5-6 minutes REPEATABLE because you never complete the mission!

This is postet all over the internet, but reader itsmememe claimes he was the first to post it on Tault unleashed. See belove post for more information, and joine the debate.


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