Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SWG Exploit: Take 0 damage as a Spy!


Use decoy and come out of cloak right after it. You wont take any damage as long as your decoy is up!

SHort and sweet one here!

... But Dude... thats not an exploit thats a skill!

... lol Ya thats what I thought as well! Here is the deal though decoy is a skill that spies have using decoy though puts a spy in cloak and uses the decoy as you. So when you uncloak after using decoy you can use your specials and it does not matter if they are attacking you you take no damage and you can attack using specials. Lol if that makes any sence at all!

Its a weird post but I kinda get it! It just gives you more ablity to attack your oponent and take no damage.

This bit is from a mmOverload. The best Star Wars Galaxies Exploit site on the net.

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