Friday, September 5, 2008

SWG Exploits - Exar Kun - 3rd phase


On the third room for Exar Kun there is a well known bug that a spy or any one cloaked by a smuggler can go into the room, have some one outside shoot the caretaker, and the cloaked individual can solo the caretaker.

How ever this often takes 10 - 20minutes and is a long boring wait.

Here is a simple way to get him down in under 2 minutes

1. Have the spy, or cloaked individual stand inside the instance as par usual.

2. have one person stand back (away from the door in the other room)

3. Have the rest of the group stand where the door would normaly fall (or close to it)

4. Have the ranged individual shoot the caretaker, The door will drop (and the group will be under the door)

5. all but the ranged (aggroed) individual should now be able to walk in and all attack the bugged care taker.

This is postet all over the internet, but reader itsmememe claimes he was the first to post it on Tault unleashed. See belove post for more information, and joine the debate.

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