Monday, September 22, 2008

SWG Exploits - Infinite Slow Heal


Each time you level up, as long as you stay in combat, you gain an infinite slow heal.

I used this to grind out the feral wookies on the Riatt trail for like 3 levels, and I was able to take on twice as many wookies, in fact I was able to pretty fearlessly stand in the center of the camp and take on half the camps creatures at once.

A simple way to ensure maintaining the heal, is to always keep one creature in combat with you alive. I personally alternated, I would take on a mob, leave one left over, let him follow me around and hit me until another mob spawn, and id kill him and leave a new creature to follow me, so I tried to keep the health at least half up on the one left over. It was my method, whatever works for the individual.

This could work really great on the legacy quests, where you constantly run into nice mob spawns at the entrances to alot of bunkers, etc, the difference is considerable.

Only takes once accidentally getting out of combat and the heal buff ends, until the next level up.


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