Monday, September 8, 2008

SWG Guides - Pet grind in 3 days(pet stims to lvl 90)


this only works with a toon that has not yet ground entertainer above lvl 10 and has a beast that is between lvls 1 and 10

Step 1: Respec to entertainer.
Step 2: Grind to lvl 10.
Step 3: Put expertiece in beastmasters Incubation and attack and the rest in Drama.
Step 4: Hatch pet.
Step 5: Buy a few crates of Pet stims.
Step 6: Kill Lvl 1 NPCs for 3-4 days.
(pet should lvl normally untill lvl 10 and then go over 100% exp without lvling. Your pets lvl cant be higher than yours and you wont level while gaining combat experience because your an ent)
I had an exact number for the % you had to have ot get the pet from 10 - 90 but i cant really remember it was like 450000% ish or slightly more then three 24 hour days(afk).

there are some static spawns of lvl 1-2s in
Dearic, Talus 158 -3016
Dearic, Talus 463 -3105
Dearic, Talus 204 -2857
(Instant Respawn Upon Loot)

Sample Macro to use

/ui action petToolbarSlot0;
/pause 1
/tar corpse
/pause 1
/loot all
/pause 1;
/macro petattack

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EHS on March 6, 2010 at 10:44 AM said...

/ui action cycleTargetOutward;

Not what you said..

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