Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SWG Macro: Entertainer to 90 in couple of hours


Here is how it done. You need two set of macros. Go to Musty, get Pei Yi and then run the follwing macros

(macro name = flo

/flo 1;
/pause 2;
/macro flo;

(macro name = grind)

/startdance peiyi;
/pause 20;
/changedance Bunduki2;
/pause 20;
/changedance Tumble;
/pause 20;
/changedance Tumble2;
/pause 20;
/changedance Lyrical;
/pause 20;
/changedance Freestyle;
/pause 20;
/changedance Lyrical2;
/pause 20;
/changedance Freestyle2;
/pause 20;
/changedance Breakdance;
/pause 20;
/changedance Breakdance2;
/pause 20;
/changedance Exotic;
/pause 20;
/changedance Exotic2;
/pause 20;
/changedance Jazzy;
/pause 20;
/changedance Exotic3;
/pause 20;
/changedance Jazzy2;
/pause 1800;
/macro grind;

The first macro loops florishes every 2 seconds to maximize XP per 10 second XP tick.
This is not my original work though, the original writer doesn't put his name on it.

This guide was original postet on mmOverload. The best Star Wars Galaxies Exploits site on the net.

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