Thursday, October 2, 2008

SWG Cheats - Taking DNA From Static NPC Creatures


Requirements - Ability to withdraw DNA from creatures

Objective - Get rare DNA

Currently, anyone with the ability to extract DNA can target a static creature NPC (such as Nym's Kusaks) and extract DNA from the creature. The DNA strand's description will then have a specific name (Nym's Guardian Kusak). Also, like drawing DNA from any creature, it has a chance to become aggroed to you - in this case, the creature *will* be attacking you (will show up in combat log), but it will not affect your actual health. It will follow and attack and even snare (yes, it's snares will work on you)

*If used in the incubator it will convert to that creature's default template (such as a regular Kusak).
**Because these NPCs are static and never despawn, you can only attempt to get the DNA once per server restart. There are 2 Kusaks by Nym, so whether or not you manage to get DNA, once you've attempted it you'll have to wait (only one person on the server can attempt it).

There are only so many static creatures that can be targeted. Nym's flanking Kusaks, the two Rancors in the Singing Mountan Clan Cavern, and a few others. Unfortunately Ive only been able to find static rancors, which cannot have DNA extracted from them either way. Most NPC cities have creatures as decor, but often they cannot be targeted. If anyone is able to find any other creatures, please post their locations up here!

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