Saturday, October 4, 2008

SWG Exploits - Easy Master UnderWorld Smuggler Exploit Guide


To all you smuggler's out there that wish to have the title, the 12% more damage from IPMS, and the increased range, I have an exploit that is a HUGE time saver.
Usually the missions have you driving anywhere from 7-10k just for one delivery. Here is a way around that drive.

- Get two friends that are willing to help for about 20-30 minutes
- When you get the smuggler mission, look at what city you are delivering to
- Have both your friends shuttle to that city where you are delivering.

This is important so pay attention! Make sure one of your friends is group leader! Have them create a group pickup point

You right click your own name after the point is set, and can shuttle to that city for only 200 credits. Saved about 7-10 minutes per run. If you figure at least 20 missions per tier, and 5 ranks, this comes saves you hours of game time.


need 2 friends
Use group pickup point system to shuttle to each location of mission
deliver, rinse and repeat.

I did this today and got my friend's rank three tier done in about 20 minutes.

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