Saturday, October 25, 2008

SWG Exploits - lvl pet from 1-90 afk in 2-3 days


Here's how it's done:
This only works with a character that has not yet grinded Entertainer above level 10 and has a beast that is between levels 1 and 10.

Step 1: Respec to Entertainer. Again, you must be under level 10.
Step 2: Grind to level 10.
Step 3: Put Expertise in Beastmaster Incubation, Attack and the rest in Drama.
Step 4: Hatch pet.
Step 5: Buy a few crates of Pet stims.
Step 6: Kill Level 1 NPCs for 3-4 days.
*Pet should level normally until level 10 and then go over 100 exp without stims, and around 600+ xp each kill with stims. Your pet's level cannot be higher than your own, and you will not level while gaining combat experience because you are an Entertainer.

There are some static spawns of level 1-2 enemies in:
Dearic, Talus 158 -3016
Dearic, Talus 463 -3105
Dearic, Talus 204 -2857
(Instant Respawn Upon Looting)

You could also try Mos Eisley Tatooine, but the respawns are not AS fast as around Daeric, Talus.

Sample Macro to Use

Name your macro petattack, and then enter the following macro information.

/ui action petToolbarSlot0;
/pause 1;
/tar corpse;
/pause 1;
/loot all;
/pause 1;
/macro petattack;

I also included a macro to not get kicked and to feed/stim my pet.

/pause 930;
/ui action toolbarSlot11; (this is where my stims are (last slot))
/pause 5;
/ui action toolbarSlot10; (this is where my food are (last slot))
/macro feed

have fun.


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