Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SWG Macros - GMF macro for more moins !!


This is just a slight tweek to macros a lot of players are currently using across the servers;
Not looking for bucks, just hope it helps those who do not understand macros

As you now have around a 50% chance of getting coins using the perm holo projector i wrote this macro and have shared it with guildies/freinds on my server. Using this i with a full luck buff and suit dramatically increases the amount of coins you receive and reduces the time taken. One case i reached a max of 685 in 7and a half minutes
Buy the holo projector mark II and place on toolbar slot 12;

macro name: trick

macro text

trick or treat;
/ui action toolbarSlot11;
/pause 0.5;
/ui action defaultButton;
/pause 0.5;
/macro trick;

then run around and tar each npc. this will trick or treat them and if they do not tip coins will automatically use the holo projector on them for a 50%
to add coins that do not add to your limit for the day.

Hope this helps


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