Friday, October 31, 2008

SWG Tricks - Extinct Rare Items still available


there are 2 items that are thought to be extinct and rare. they are the "Ambient Wildlife Calls...Oh Yeah" and the "Selonian Verovakin" items. ive tried to find them for months, checking every npc I see to see if that was the npc to get the items. i finally found the items and yes, they are still available. a lot of people think they are rare and extinct, but you can get them still.

Talus, Nashal, Cantina 4300 5300
npc is sigrix slix. Talk to him and first mission you run out and kill a low level thug and talk to the spice npc. he gives you item. put it in a storage droid. go back to slix and restart the quest, rinse and repeat, when you get enough of the "Ambient Wildlife Calls...Oh Yeah" containers (they look like the old sliceable white drums), you can continue and get the "Selonian Verovakin" canisters. Sl;x gives you these, so just put in droid or equipped pack, no running around for this one.

Both of these are thought to be extinct, but you can get them! They look cool as decor. i paid 6m each months ago thinking they were extinct and rare.
i suggest only putting 1 on your vendor at a time or people will quickly learn they are still in game.

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