Sunday, November 30, 2008

SWG Macros - New forage macro Combat included!

(Better resaults if both are lvl 90)

1st macro
(Player /forageing)
(Name Forage)
/pause 1.2;
/pause 1.2;
/pause 1.2;
/pause 1.2;
/pause 1.2;
/m Forage;
2nd player with camera Zoomed out just above the head but enough were u can see your alts whole body.

(Name Attack)
/ui action toolbarSlot00;
/pause 2;
/ui action toolbarSlot01;
/pause 2;
/ui action toolbarSlot02;
/pause 2;
/m Attack;

(If either of ur toons have Area attacks. Its not good to use them. Due to mobs you pass buy. you will get Dubble the agro.witch u dont need lol.
Macro #2

(Name Target)
/cycle targetOutward;
/pause 2;
/cycle targetOutward;
/pause 2;
/m Target;
(Main reason im posting this. is cause if you have 1 toon that is /forageing and has a macro running for attacking. Not all actions relly fire. and your not doin as much dmg as ur supposed to because the macro is intrupting it.) So if you have 1 toon /forageing and 1 toon just fighting the mobs. your combat toon will kill it faster than the toon /forageing.
Hope people like this idia. it works great for me. hope it does same for you all

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

SWG Exploits Using AT-ST For Collections

This one is a fun exploit. When you get done with the Echo Base and/or Wampa Valley and you have 4 people who want to stay behind and do collections, go swoop/ride back to the original entry place where you loaded in. If you did instanace and people shared at least 1 AT ST then there should be at least 1 parked there. Climb inside solo or with a buddy and take out remaining turrets for more GCW and also work on the Tauntaun collection. It is so much easier wupping a Tauntain in an AT ST than trying on foot! Fast collection progress, junk loot, etc.

If you entered instance and have 4 people and just want to work on collections, then you will have 6 AT STs to work with.

If you have done the Echo Base part, this only works with the unused AT STs back at original entry point. You can't stay in the ones that were used during the initial phase 1.

Of course you have to have 4 people inside instance or it will eject everyone.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SWG Macro - Easy credit locations to earn credits!

I know there are some nice spots for looting, and lots of you are married to yours. But if you're looking for a good one, the one I will describe is usually deserted, and I have taken advantage of it to the point that I just don't need to go cred hunting so much anymore... I think those of you who try this will enjoy and use it!

NOTE: This will work as low as LvL 40 if you are good at pulling one at a time...

1. Go to Kor Vella on Corellia. Waypoint is: -3417 3118

2. The NPC's are level 28 but there's a bunch of them together... Each one should drop between 100-500 credits and they re-spawn as soon as you loot.

3. Use a basic auto loot macro (this is one that I think 90% of us already use just running around):

Macro name: loot
/target corpse;
/loot all;
/pause .75;
/macro loot

and the Target macro of your choice (like this basic one):

Macro name: Tar
/ui action cycleTargetInward;
/pause 5;
/macro Tar

4. Of course you should go with an empty (or near empty) inventory. Sell what you loot to the nearest Junk Vendor when you're all full up.

5. Can't really talk Creds/Hour, but I leave my char overnight and wake up having made 1-2 million in cash and sell another 500 - 700k in loot.

DUH: I don't use auto-it (not that I'm against it) so you can either trust your own combat macro or go ghetto and tape that mouse button down...

Long story short, this is SUPER easy and a great way to load up on cash... I like it...

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SWG Exploits - Hoth Wompa Boss Easy kill Exploit!

This cheat takes advantage of a little bug in the system involving the Big Wompa "Boss" in Wompa Valley on Hoth... When your group attacks the big Wompa in Wompa Valley in the hoth instance it throws a wall down to lock you in, and it spawns little nasties to make your life difficult. There's a way around it!

1. Have your group stay outside of the area the wall will spawn and have your spy (or somone that can cloak) stay inside the area where the wall will fall.

2. Have the spy shoot the Wompa (which gains aggro for the entire group), then have him/her cloak.

3. For some reason, the Wompa will warp out behind the wall where the rest of the group can fight him without dealing with the extra things he spawns.

4. Spy is stuck until he/she dies, or combat ends... oh well...

Have fun with this one!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

SWG Trick: Fast credits on Kashyyyk

This strategy will help you gain really fast credits on the planet Kashyyyk.

Before using your ship to travel to Kashyyyk, be sure you have as many free slots as possible in your inventory, optimally you would also be wearing a pack.

This strategy works for all professions, although I find Smuggler to be the best one, I will explain why later.

Once you zone into Kachirho Starport on Kashyyyk, leave the starport area and travel West, (left) across the bridge, and enter the Kkowir Forest gate (-744 257).

Once inside Kkowir Forest, make the first right you can where you meet Cyrans the Unfeeling. Travel straight towards the water, (North, North-East) where you will find a lot of Mauf spawns.

Kill as many Mauf as you can, some of the mob spawns will respawn faster then others, higher level players can take on the faster spawns while lower level players should try to stick with the slow spawns so the pros can work their flocks

Now -- loot every single Mauf you kill, there is a high loot drop probability for 4 different quality items listed below:

a Mouf pelt
250 credits each, stackable

a Mouf paw
200 credits each, stackable

a Red Hydra Z-5
7000 credits each, nonstackable
(Pistol, CL64 Officer)

a Blackhand Annihilater
5000 credits each, nonstackable
(Pistol, CL64 any profession)

Since a recent chapter update, now you also get a lot of low quality vials, it is recommended that you just trash these as you get them.

If you are level 80+ you can probably use a combat+looting macro while AFK and if you are a smuggler even a fencing macro.

Now that you know what items you can loot and what they are worth, where do you get rid of them? Well if you are not a Smuggler, here is how you do it.

Method #1 (Any profession):
Leave the riverside and go back to where you entered the Kkowir forest. Instead of going left to the Kkowir gate that you entered through, turn right and go towards Kerritamba village to Kinuagha (Junk Dealer).

You can sell all the items you looted from the Mauf, if you had a total empty inventory and a pack you should have about 500,000-750,000 credits worth of merchandise to sell.

Method #2 (Smuggler profession):
You can just use the Fence Goods ability available to Smugglers CL14 or higher and it is the same as using the Junk Dealer in the above method except faster, because you don't have to travel to Kerritamba village.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

SWG Guides - Increasing storage

This may be common knowledge, but was news to me recently, so here goes...

Buy droids with a storage module (+10 storage capacity each). Decide what you are going to store in them, and rename the droids accordingly for easy retrieval of your items... ie. s-pups for your pups, s-food for food buffs, etc.

I have 5 of these droids in my datapad, giving me +50 extra storage slots on my toon.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SWG Bots - Holocron hunting script for autoit3

i made this script to hunt for me while i was at work or sleaping and so far it has done me good it is simple to set up and easy to use.... i think lol

first ill list all my macros and buffs:
i am using a dark jedi build with a crit suit with all 35s and a gackle bat

bar set up:

crit suit stats:
chest and saber - crit chance, pvp crit, parry
the rest - str, perc, agil

kill macro

    /ui action toolbarSlot07;
    /pause 1;
    /ui action toolbarSlot01;
    /pause 1;
    /ui action toolbarSlot00;
    /pause 1;
    /ui action toolbarSlot02;
    /pause 1;
    /ui action toolbarSlot04;
    /pause 1;
    /ui action toolbarSlot06;
    /pause 1;
    /ui action toolbarSlot03;
    /pause 1;
    /ui action toolbarSlot05;
    /pause 1;

    ent buff:
    crit, glancing blow, auto heal, the rest to kenetic

    I normaly use my musty injector, PUPs, and mando wine at the begining just to make sure you get off on the right foot and don't die in the first five minutes.
    script is just like others that do combat make sure u set the x/y values to yours by taking a screenshot and using ms paint to get the cordinates and the health and action ones are set to right before full and try and get the portrait on a white/gray spot of ur profession icon next to ur name so when it goes red the script will catch it

    here is the auto it script:

    ;Script by Nick Obelenus
    ;This script is for Tault Unleashed members only
    ;Idia for this goes to all those forage macros that have combat

    Global $Paused
    HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "TogglePause")
    HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")
    Opt("MouseClickDragDelay", 100)

    $i = 0


    $portraitx = 36
    $portraity = 40
    $healthx = 238
    $healthy = 38
    $actionx = 241
    $actiony = 45

    $CombatCheck = PixelGetColor(($portraitx), ($portraity))
    $HealthCheck = PixelGetColor(($healthx), ($healthy))
    $ActionCheck = PixelGetColor(($actionx), ($actiony))

    Until $i = 1

    Func CheckCombatState()
    If PixelGetColor(($healthx), ($healthy)) = $HealthCheck Then
    send("z") ;Change this to your hotkey to Autoattack
    send(".") ;Change this to your Kill macro
    ; send("b") ;change to pet macro if u have one

    Until PixelGetColor(($healthx), ($healthy)) = $HealthCheck and PixelGetColor(($portraitx), ($portraity)) = $CombatCheck

    Until PixelGetColor(($healthx), ($healthy)) = $healthCheck and PixelGetColor(($actionx), ($actiony)) = $ActionCheck

    ;Pause Script
    Func TogglePause()
    $Paused = NOT $Paused
    While $Paused
    ToolTip('Script Paused',0,0)

    Terminate Script
    Func Terminate()
    Exit 0

If this goes well i might end up making one that has an auto delete on all non-collection items.

Now we are ready to head out to the POI nightsisters vs singning mountain caln battle... when u get there u will see that the nightsisters have made kinda a delta (triangle) foramtion... well the ones on the frontline corners have only a 2min spawn time while the top has 10min spawn time... soooooo... lets go to the botom left or right corner and get right in the face of the nightsister so ur curser is on were they spawn and faces away from the rest of the red dots so u dont get eaten... u will have to manualy kill the first one then when ur health and action return to full alt-tab and run the macro then quickly alt-tab back to SWG and watch it kill the first NS to make sure it is running correctly then leave it be for however long (btw after ent buff is gone expext to die lol) so normaly is like 5hours or so it will get loot and money

good luck with sith wp 4/5 and have fun

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Try Hoth For free No Sub needed and level 90!

Make a 14 day trialer you can do that here On the right side is the link to the 14 day free trial!

Once the trial and the game is downloaded and once you have typed in your login name and password you are taken to another screen. This screen you have a few options after all the downloading. Dont hit play but hit test center this is at the bottom of the page after the downloading.

After you have hit thetest center button there you will have to relog in your user name and password. This will also lead you to another download screen like before. This time click PLAY and you are on your way to create a character. Remember you do have to also go through Tansari posint station the noob section. Combat classes will need to be level 5 to leave artisians and crafters need to go through a small set of tasks that are very simple. Dont worry if you go through as a artisian and a crafter you can respec your character when you get off tansari to a combat character.

Now you are in Mos Eisley and off of noob trial! Type /find can this will take you to the cantina in the very back is a nutral ship trainer who will give you a ship. After you have your ship in hand type /find starport this will lead you to the starport were you will fly to Mos espa on tatooine. Right outside of Mos ESPA is a large guild hall hit m and head to your left as you walk out of the star port. Litterly on the outskirts and nearly right next to the city is the guild hall.

Go inside the guild hall and inside are frogs you can instantly become level 90 get all the good weapons you need and armor. So now your 14 day trialer is level 90 in about 20 mins and you are ready to go and check out Hoth as a high level character on a free sub 14 day sub. Enjoy

Warning you do not want Test Center PRIME or TC prime whjen creating your character and at server selection you want just plain old Test Center!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

SWG Exploits - Hoth AT-ST on all planets!

You can get it out of the instance by quickly mounting after clicking the shuttle. You can then ride to the spaceport on dathmoir and use shuttle to get off planet. I have a video as well for you all:

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CL 85 to 90 in 3 hours

Arena Challenge isn’t Nerfed

his quest is an old quest on kashyyyk. Everyone thought they nerfed the Arena.. GUESS AGAIN! I went from CL 85 to 90 in 3 hours!

Ok so here it is... Grab the quest go inside the arena... Stand about 5 meters from Wiratu, Talk to him, And after he disappears run as fast as you can to the side where the banks are.. Stand against the invisible wall so the creatures spawn on the other side and they can\'t attack you making them easy kills. Once you have completed challenge one and 2 just run in the middle and kill the varactyl that spawn.. No problem right? EASY! Now all you have to do is wait about 2 minutes for Wiratu to spawn again... Just wait around then start attacking him. Once you get him to half health he will say You have rightfully bested me or I can\'t belive I lost... Ok now all you have to do is click him once for the xp.. But don\'t actually converse with him or you will complete the challenge and you won\'t be able to repeat it. After you click him and you get the xp Just walk upto the arena guard, Talk to him and leave the arena... Go back to the cheif and get the quest again... Rinse and Repeat!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

SWG AFK grind macro 10 - 90 in 48h

Ok this mmorpg cheat requires a few people but we have it working on Tempest, feel free to come see it in action.

-Level a new combat character to level 10

-Buy any cheap combat pet (going for about 15k on tempest for a 1-2point pet)

-Now go out the back of theed, fastest was is go to where the shuttle lands and head out the big opening it flies through, behind theed you will find 5 kaadu lairs, they are lvl 85.

-Position a group of lvl 90s (usually) between all the lairs so they can aggro any mobs from the lairs. we have a group of 4 people, 2 commandos, a medic and a spy.

-Have the whole group standing in the same space between the lairs and have the commando's use AOE attacks (usually just drop mine or something), have them do this on a macro, also have the medic running a group heal macro and the spy running a VP macro.

-While this is going on have a separate macro called petattack that reads:
/ui action cycleTargetOutwards;
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot0;
/pause 1;
/macro petattack;

-Now zoom all the way out on the camera and look at the floor so you have like a overhead view

-So far we have the group of lvl 90's lvling their pets afk basically, there attacks etc keep the kaadu aggroed then when the kaadu gets close range all the pets hit it at least once before the AOE kill them and so get exp...

-Now for a lvl 10 he MUST NOT be in the group, now have the lvl 10 ONLY run the macro I posted above for the pet attack, this means he attacks nothing and every time his pet hits a kaadu, he gets 1.6k exp and the pet gets exp as well.

Hope this mmorpg cheat is clear, if not pop onto tempest and look out the back of the starport, at work at the moment so cant verify eg the names of the AOE's to use etc but i have 3 chars boxed out there 1 spy and 2 low lvls im getting too 90...

Goodluck and have fun with thease mmorpg cheats

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