Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CL 85 to 90 in 3 hours


Arena Challenge isn’t Nerfed

his quest is an old quest on kashyyyk. Everyone thought they nerfed the Arena.. GUESS AGAIN! I went from CL 85 to 90 in 3 hours!

Ok so here it is... Grab the quest go inside the arena... Stand about 5 meters from Wiratu, Talk to him, And after he disappears run as fast as you can to the side where the banks are.. Stand against the invisible wall so the creatures spawn on the other side and they can\'t attack you making them easy kills. Once you have completed challenge one and 2 just run in the middle and kill the varactyl that spawn.. No problem right? EASY! Now all you have to do is wait about 2 minutes for Wiratu to spawn again... Just wait around then start attacking him. Once you get him to half health he will say You have rightfully bested me or I can\'t belive I lost... Ok now all you have to do is click him once for the xp.. But don\'t actually converse with him or you will complete the challenge and you won\'t be able to repeat it. After you click him and you get the xp Just walk upto the arena guard, Talk to him and leave the arena... Go back to the cheif and get the quest again... Rinse and Repeat!

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