Saturday, November 1, 2008

SWG AFK grind macro 10 - 90 in 48h


Ok this mmorpg cheat requires a few people but we have it working on Tempest, feel free to come see it in action.

-Level a new combat character to level 10

-Buy any cheap combat pet (going for about 15k on tempest for a 1-2point pet)

-Now go out the back of theed, fastest was is go to where the shuttle lands and head out the big opening it flies through, behind theed you will find 5 kaadu lairs, they are lvl 85.

-Position a group of lvl 90s (usually) between all the lairs so they can aggro any mobs from the lairs. we have a group of 4 people, 2 commandos, a medic and a spy.

-Have the whole group standing in the same space between the lairs and have the commando's use AOE attacks (usually just drop mine or something), have them do this on a macro, also have the medic running a group heal macro and the spy running a VP macro.

-While this is going on have a separate macro called petattack that reads:
/ui action cycleTargetOutwards;
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot0;
/pause 1;
/macro petattack;

-Now zoom all the way out on the camera and look at the floor so you have like a overhead view

-So far we have the group of lvl 90's lvling their pets afk basically, there attacks etc keep the kaadu aggroed then when the kaadu gets close range all the pets hit it at least once before the AOE kill them and so get exp...

-Now for a lvl 10 he MUST NOT be in the group, now have the lvl 10 ONLY run the macro I posted above for the pet attack, this means he attacks nothing and every time his pet hits a kaadu, he gets 1.6k exp and the pet gets exp as well.

Hope this mmorpg cheat is clear, if not pop onto tempest and look out the back of the starport, at work at the moment so cant verify eg the names of the AOE's to use etc but i have 3 chars boxed out there 1 spy and 2 low lvls im getting too 90...

Goodluck and have fun with thease mmorpg cheats

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