Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SWG Exploits - Hoth Wompa Boss Easy kill Exploit!


This cheat takes advantage of a little bug in the system involving the Big Wompa "Boss" in Wompa Valley on Hoth... When your group attacks the big Wompa in Wompa Valley in the hoth instance it throws a wall down to lock you in, and it spawns little nasties to make your life difficult. There's a way around it!

1. Have your group stay outside of the area the wall will spawn and have your spy (or somone that can cloak) stay inside the area where the wall will fall.

2. Have the spy shoot the Wompa (which gains aggro for the entire group), then have him/her cloak.

3. For some reason, the Wompa will warp out behind the wall where the rest of the group can fight him without dealing with the extra things he spawns.

4. Spy is stuck until he/she dies, or combat ends... oh well...

Have fun with this one!

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