Thursday, November 27, 2008

SWG Exploits Using AT-ST For Collections


This one is a fun exploit. When you get done with the Echo Base and/or Wampa Valley and you have 4 people who want to stay behind and do collections, go swoop/ride back to the original entry place where you loaded in. If you did instanace and people shared at least 1 AT ST then there should be at least 1 parked there. Climb inside solo or with a buddy and take out remaining turrets for more GCW and also work on the Tauntaun collection. It is so much easier wupping a Tauntain in an AT ST than trying on foot! Fast collection progress, junk loot, etc.

If you entered instance and have 4 people and just want to work on collections, then you will have 6 AT STs to work with.

If you have done the Echo Base part, this only works with the unused AT STs back at original entry point. You can't stay in the ones that were used during the initial phase 1.

Of course you have to have 4 people inside instance or it will eject everyone.

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