Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SWG Macro - Easy credit locations to earn credits!


I know there are some nice spots for looting, and lots of you are married to yours. But if you're looking for a good one, the one I will describe is usually deserted, and I have taken advantage of it to the point that I just don't need to go cred hunting so much anymore... I think those of you who try this will enjoy and use it!

NOTE: This will work as low as LvL 40 if you are good at pulling one at a time...

1. Go to Kor Vella on Corellia. Waypoint is: -3417 3118

2. The NPC's are level 28 but there's a bunch of them together... Each one should drop between 100-500 credits and they re-spawn as soon as you loot.

3. Use a basic auto loot macro (this is one that I think 90% of us already use just running around):

Macro name: loot
/target corpse;
/loot all;
/pause .75;
/macro loot

and the Target macro of your choice (like this basic one):

Macro name: Tar
/ui action cycleTargetInward;
/pause 5;
/macro Tar

4. Of course you should go with an empty (or near empty) inventory. Sell what you loot to the nearest Junk Vendor when you're all full up.

5. Can't really talk Creds/Hour, but I leave my char overnight and wake up having made 1-2 million in cash and sell another 500 - 700k in loot.

DUH: I don't use auto-it (not that I'm against it) so you can either trust your own combat macro or go ghetto and tape that mouse button down...

Long story short, this is SUPER easy and a great way to load up on cash... I like it...

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