Monday, November 24, 2008

SWG Trick: Fast credits on Kashyyyk


This strategy will help you gain really fast credits on the planet Kashyyyk.

Before using your ship to travel to Kashyyyk, be sure you have as many free slots as possible in your inventory, optimally you would also be wearing a pack.

This strategy works for all professions, although I find Smuggler to be the best one, I will explain why later.

Once you zone into Kachirho Starport on Kashyyyk, leave the starport area and travel West, (left) across the bridge, and enter the Kkowir Forest gate (-744 257).

Once inside Kkowir Forest, make the first right you can where you meet Cyrans the Unfeeling. Travel straight towards the water, (North, North-East) where you will find a lot of Mauf spawns.

Kill as many Mauf as you can, some of the mob spawns will respawn faster then others, higher level players can take on the faster spawns while lower level players should try to stick with the slow spawns so the pros can work their flocks

Now -- loot every single Mauf you kill, there is a high loot drop probability for 4 different quality items listed below:

a Mouf pelt
250 credits each, stackable

a Mouf paw
200 credits each, stackable

a Red Hydra Z-5
7000 credits each, nonstackable
(Pistol, CL64 Officer)

a Blackhand Annihilater
5000 credits each, nonstackable
(Pistol, CL64 any profession)

Since a recent chapter update, now you also get a lot of low quality vials, it is recommended that you just trash these as you get them.

If you are level 80+ you can probably use a combat+looting macro while AFK and if you are a smuggler even a fencing macro.

Now that you know what items you can loot and what they are worth, where do you get rid of them? Well if you are not a Smuggler, here is how you do it.

Method #1 (Any profession):
Leave the riverside and go back to where you entered the Kkowir forest. Instead of going left to the Kkowir gate that you entered through, turn right and go towards Kerritamba village to Kinuagha (Junk Dealer).

You can sell all the items you looted from the Mauf, if you had a total empty inventory and a pack you should have about 500,000-750,000 credits worth of merchandise to sell.

Method #2 (Smuggler profession):
You can just use the Fence Goods ability available to Smugglers CL14 or higher and it is the same as using the Junk Dealer in the above method except faster, because you don't have to travel to Kerritamba village.

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