Monday, November 10, 2008

Try Hoth For free No Sub needed and level 90!


Make a 14 day trialer you can do that here On the right side is the link to the 14 day free trial!

Once the trial and the game is downloaded and once you have typed in your login name and password you are taken to another screen. This screen you have a few options after all the downloading. Dont hit play but hit test center this is at the bottom of the page after the downloading.

After you have hit thetest center button there you will have to relog in your user name and password. This will also lead you to another download screen like before. This time click PLAY and you are on your way to create a character. Remember you do have to also go through Tansari posint station the noob section. Combat classes will need to be level 5 to leave artisians and crafters need to go through a small set of tasks that are very simple. Dont worry if you go through as a artisian and a crafter you can respec your character when you get off tansari to a combat character.

Now you are in Mos Eisley and off of noob trial! Type /find can this will take you to the cantina in the very back is a nutral ship trainer who will give you a ship. After you have your ship in hand type /find starport this will lead you to the starport were you will fly to Mos espa on tatooine. Right outside of Mos ESPA is a large guild hall hit m and head to your left as you walk out of the star port. Litterly on the outskirts and nearly right next to the city is the guild hall.

Go inside the guild hall and inside are frogs you can instantly become level 90 get all the good weapons you need and armor. So now your 14 day trialer is level 90 in about 20 mins and you are ready to go and check out Hoth as a high level character on a free sub 14 day sub. Enjoy

Warning you do not want Test Center PRIME or TC prime whjen creating your character and at server selection you want just plain old Test Center!

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