Thursday, December 4, 2008

SWG Guides - AFK Credits macro and locations!


The easiest way i know atm to earn cash afk is to go to kor vella and loot ig-88 statue parts or/and stormtrooper parts from the bunker near by, place them at the top of your inventory and set yourself up in one of the rooms afk. Make sure to have a healing macro and firing specials off. Commando is most likely best. Then once you have done this run axife mouse recorder or auto it. Set the macro up to delete the 3rd bottom row and far right item in your inventory and stick this on repeat.
This allows you to keep the inventory free and keep looting items, the stormtrooper and ig-88 parts you previousley bought or looted will then stack while afk and can be sold for a good price.

Meatlumps and ragtags can be afked near enough the same way as above except you dont need to delete items. It's a basic afk macro wtih heals and specials again is commando. Use a simple

NAME: loot

/targ corpse
/ loot
/macro loot

Toolbar commands are /ui action toolbarSlot 00 for 01
Slot 01 for 02 on toolbar e.t.c

Wall glitching, this is a smiple one an can be done very easily.
The best known i uess is at restuss starport if you get a pet and spawn it at the wall or a vehicle you can warp in the wall with the vehicle or pet. You can then get off and be in the wall, safe from any enemies.

The same can be done for starports,cloning centers, houses. With sometimes a slight change for starports, you need to get on a vehicle or pet and where he entrance is slightly and slowly nudge yourself into the entrance against either side of the wall. DO NOT go to far or he vehicle/mount will get packed up, also move the camera around once the walls go invisible get out of your vehicle or off your pet and you will be insied the starport...well underneath it and unattackable.

Might know of these...worth a try lol.

More mmorpg cheats.

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