Friday, December 19, 2008

SWG Macro - AFK For Festival Coins


In Eisley, there are NPCs nearby the costume giver. Stand in between the npcs and the costume giver, and have the NPC (not the costume giver) targeted. Then, run this macro:

macro name: trick
/conv z'ozpheratu;
/pause 1;
/ui action conversationResponse0;
/pause 1;
/say trick or treat;
/pause 1;
/ui action toolbarSlotxx;
/pause 1;
/ui action defaultButton;
/pause 240;
/macro trick;

This will start a conversation with Z'ozpheratu (costume giver), select to receive a costume, and then say trick or treat to the NPC that you have targeted. Replace xx with the toolbar slot number that you have your projector in.

Run this macro and go afk for a bit. All NPCs are on a 4 minute cool down so this should fire once every 4 minutes.

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