Saturday, December 20, 2008

SWG Macro: Space Mining Assistence Macro


ok here is the macro i use for space mining

/target ast;
/macro roid

now turn your tractor beam on constant
fly to the asteriod u want to mine
activate macro

shoot at it to break the big chunk off your ship will automaticly target it and fly after it
soon as ur directly behind it (the taget curser and ur laser curser are close together) shoot at it , it will blow into tiny chunks the macro will target each one and suck them in with the tractor (if ur positioned right then it will be instant)
then type /target ### (### being the first 3 letters of the roid ur mining ie car pet etc) the macro will fly you to it

the macro will break when u get bandits as there name begins with ast as well but thats good

if anyone knows a fully autonemous mining method let me know

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mrgreaper2004 on January 28, 2009 at 4:47 AM said...

can i get a little credit for that please
signed mrgreaper
its clearly cut and pasted from the site i first posted it to (of which im no longer a member :( )
happy that you posted it but some credit would be nice lol

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