Thursday, December 25, 2008

SWG Strategies: Light Saber Crafting Buff


This is not an exploit, but not many people have heard of this. Mainly only my guild. We had a dispute about if luck had a factor in LS crafting, so I talked to a DEV and he said for LS crafting the answer was NO it did not help at all. So that lead to next question, "what does". Aside from the LS crafting suits, he said there is a "PET MONKEY BUFF" a beast master can learn this and train it to his pet. I then asked what mob has this ability. He said "This buff goes live with chapter 7" It is nowhere in the patch notes so it was a silent addition. I am going to start looking and would like others to post what they have "examined" and post what has been checked and ruled out. I would assume it is a creature with force sensitivity. So I would check the following first.

1) Palace of woolimanders
2) Blue leaf temple
3) Temple of xarkun (sorry for spelling)
4) Cave of baz nitches on dathomir

The 2 plantes I would check with first is Dathomir due to it's nature of force sensitivity relations and Yavin 4.

And for ****s and giggles maybe dantooine.

Now I know....who in thier right mind would want to go Jedi/BM?

But I would upon finding this buff/ability reset my expertice since it is cheap to do so, Grab an ent buff, use the cake, port, LS crafting suit ect....
craft my new found saber, and once done reset my expertice back to normal.

End result is "Pet monkey buff" is out some where, and since I got this strait from a DEV I would like to start the proccess of elimination.

P.S. All pets can learn this ability >=]

Cheers to the M8 who finds it.

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