Saturday, January 31, 2009

Star Wars Galaxies Crafter XP Glitch


As a starting Trader go see Gendra in Mos Eisley.
Do the quest for Beef Jerkey like he says.
Then do the Glass's quest like he says, the final quest is the ice
tea one.

You must craft 10 ice teas then give them to muna and return to Gendra,
He will tell you that there is NO MORE WORK for you to do.

To glitch this part tell him "Who else can I talk to?" He will say about bank terminals etc...

Yougotta say "No, that's not what I mean." then he will say "All I know is crafting and entertaining" then you can say "I'm a Crafter" then "I'd LOVE to get some work" He thens allows you to do the meat jerky quest again for 400XP!

Just grab alot of meat and hide, and repeat the entire process to lvl up quickly to about lvl 20-30. Quick way for traders to grind up with little resources etc.

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