Friday, January 16, 2009

SWG Exploit: DWB with no Rebreather


This is a unique exploit I figured out yesterday while I was in the DWB. If your down in the mine area and don't have a rebreather you'll take about 40% damage at painfully short intervals. This is a huge pain in the !@#$%^&* if you're trying to fight anything down there.

The poison DOT is triggered right when you enter into the mine area.

Pass the enterance area marked in the red rectangle and walk to a safe location, like where I've drawn a circle. There, make sure you are clear of anything that might aggro you and log out. [USE THE /LOGOUT COMMAND, and let it completely log out for the full 30 seconds]

Remain logged out for at least a minute.

When you log back in you should no longer have the poison DOT on you.

If you walk back into the rectangle area the DOT will retrigger, but you can repeat this an unlimited number of times to get rid of it.

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