Sunday, February 1, 2009

New ITV For Everyone In Chapter 9!


I know this one is one that players want and need. Some of the old players still does not have one of these. With chapter 9 you will be able to get your own personal ITV. No expansions needed or anything. So here is a guide to your new ITV with chapter 9.

Well, this is gonna be short and sweet. Collection name is "What a piece of junk"

Theed starport - main hanger by the landed lambda shuttle

All others are in the main ticket office of the starport, by the ticket terminal on the right if you are facing the terminals.

Eisley, Bestine, Espa, Coronet, Kaadara, Dearic and finally Nashal.

All called "Crate of rattletrap junk parts"

Grants a deed "ITV: Rattletrap", converts into ability "Call for Rattletrap pickup"

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