Thursday, February 19, 2009

SWG: Great Farming Location


Go to the planet Lok.

From Nym's Stronghold, proceed to the North-West. It may be an idea to zoom your radar out a bit to about 512m, or 1024m if you turn off all waypoints, otherwise the arrows on the radar get in the way. Begin to search on your radar for objects marked: "A nest". If you see one, stop and approach it. You should find it\'s surrounded by gurks:

Kill them, and then attack the nest. Keep attacking until the nest spawns a Reclusive Gurk King:

If one spawns, stop attacking the nest and kill him, then loot. You may find a Gurk King Hide (Actual name). If one doesn't spawn, destroy the nest and move on looking for the next one. Please note: sometimes the Reclusive Gurk King will not spawn until the last moment before the nest is destroyed, so be careful.)

When you find one that spawns a reclusive gurk king, do NOT destroy the nest after killing the king. Instead, waypoint the nest and begin searching the immediate area for more nests. Do the same for each nest you find. If you don't find any within a 700m radius, move on, it's a waste of time having just one there.

Ideally you will end up with three-four nests within 500m of each other, all spawning the reclusive gurk kings. Go between them all, spawning the Kings, killing and looting them, leaving the nests intact, and proceeding to the next nest. You'll find yourself going round in a circle, finishing the last nest and finding the first nest is back at full health, therefore you can do it all again. Sometimes you get bad days, but don't be put off. I looted about 110 Gurk King Hides within an hour and a half recently, which, varying on the price of the server, can sell for quite a lot: on my server (Chimaera) I sold them for 100k per hide: a total of 10 million. If you can find a buyer, you'll have no problem.

These hides are used to make RIS Armour:

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