Sunday, February 1, 2009

SWG Guide: AFK Loot Blackscales


First, you have to have a 3-weapon ship. I find that the adv X-wing works best.

Load 2 lvl 10 RE weapons and a lvl 8 RE into your ship... May work with 3 lvl 8's, I haven't tried.

Make sure you are using good shields as well as a decent capacitor. Must be using Weapon Overload 4 to one-shot the tier 4 bombers.

Put all three weapons into weapon group 1. (hit G, use the arrows to put all the weapons in group 1)

Go to the blackscales (near avatar platform) and run this macro:

    Macro: scales


    /tar blackscale /pause .5 /follow /pause 8 /ship WeaponGroup fire <1> /pause .4 /ship WeaponGroup fire <1> /pause 2 /throttle 0 /tar self /iff /m scales

You will have to check on it periodically to make sure that you dont fill up your inventory and that you aren't dead (happens sometimes)

The /iff should cut down on aggro (IFF Transponder scramble resets all aggro, works once every 10 min or so)

I've looted some nice stuff while i've been away eating lunch/etc. Have fun, it's all perfectly legal now

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