Monday, February 23, 2009

SWG Macro's - AFK SPY Steal


this is probibly just some common knowledge about using assist and follow macros but wot the hell i aint looking for anything

as of update 7, spys can now steal collection parts and also have there own collection

so to get the most out of both i thought i would have a go at the Nightsisters for the WP and also the collection while i go

going with the server i am on, alot of ppl like to afk grind or just grind the

Nightsister Vs Singing Mountain POI

so i thoguth i would go there and have a look to see wot kind of afk thingi could do.

i got there and saw a jedi working his way throught all the NS then stoping and waiting til they spawn again so i thought of some macros that work.

With these Macros i have afk'd the POI for 3 days straight but coming back to check on the loot now and again. You dont need any buffs or pups or anything like that for this as u dont get detectd from stealth as you are not in combat at anytime

the macros are again just common knowledge, and here they are

who ever you find there afk grinding or just working there way through the spawn just do

/Follow *players Name*
/pause 1;
/Assist *players Name*
/m Follow

This will make you target what the player is targeting and also follow them
then put the steal icon on ur toolbar and make a masic toolbar macro

/ui action toolbarSlot00;
/pause 1;
/m Steal

something liek that.

Everyone knows that stealing is like looting its all down to RL luck and the roll of the dice

Luckily for me the dice were in my pocket as i have stole 2 4/5 WP and i have now got 4 of the Spy Knucklers



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