Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ASWG Macro: Little PVP macro for Jedi


A little trick I found the other day for jedi - works for pve, better for pvp (when fighting ranged)...

First, put your Force Throw command into a toolbar slot (I'll use slot 12 for this example, which is toolbarSlot11 in macro-speak)
Create a macro titled "snare" and type:

/ui action toolbarSlot11;
/pause .5;
/macro snare;

This will make you constantly use Force Throw if you are targeting an enemy... it uses virtually no action and recharges very, very fast, but you can keep your target snared for your entire fight - just attack as normal, and the macro will snare them every time it's recharged. Be warned, since most people out there don't face this much, they'll accuse you of using a hack - but to me, getting reported for stuff like this means I'm doing something right, lol.

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