Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't stop for nothin!, Useful in PvP or PvE


Ok, so your goin PvP in Deep space and don't wanna be blown up. Well hyperdrive can always get you out of a tight situation either PvP or PvE at times but theres that point for 5 seconds your pretty much a sitting duck as it preps for jump.

Heres the trick, Make sure your ship has boosters equipped, doesn't matter which just some boosters (any of them will at least get you a little past your normal top-speed anyway) and just as the "auto-pilot" kicks on, hit your boosters. The countdown to hyperspace will keep going but you wont stop movin and your no longer a easy target so next thing you know it will be a "now you see me, Now you don't" situation and you didnt even stop for re-orientation of your ship before hyperjump.

This personally has gotten me out of quite a few jams with BH's (bastards... >.<) Anyway after discovering this thought I would post it somewhere so why not here huh?

Feel free to test and try it out and confirm if it works or not cause I know it does on Flurry.

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