Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SWG Cheat: Tanking from level 1-89


When your fighting, and your about to level go attack something - Lure as much as you can. Once you level you'll start being automatically healed and regain all health and action, your action will come back twice as fast and you'll gain about 200hp per second - so lure some NPCs and start fighting.

This is a great way to gain tons of Xp at a low level.

Say your on the ryatt trail at level 60, and your about to level. Find an npc - Any will do, I would go for Lobarro For hes a level 60 elite. Get him to low health DONT KILL HIM, Lure some other things.. Like the gotals, Kill him. You'll get back to full Hp and and action and will be automatically healed.

You can keep this going for as long as you feel like. Just never go out of combat and you'll be tanking like a level 90.

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