Saturday, March 21, 2009

SWG Exploit: AV-21 farming and soloing the vet


You can do the prequest to the Corvette instance as many times as you want and get into the instance as many times as you want. Once inside, you can check the 3 loot armoires and the defunct droid (target it and use /open) to find spice, av-21 powerplants and, depending on faction, berserker rifle parts or rebel shirts.

If you are a spy, just stealth through it and open all 4 loot boxes and complete the instance without ever getting into combat. If you arent a spy, do your respective faction's Vette instance but begin flagging down to On Leave right before you go into the instance. Once in the Vette, wait to flag down. once you do, all the NPCs will turn white and you can walk free throughout the instance.

Also, you can bring along 7 other players who can /afk for 20 minutes while you are in the instance. For each member present, they get an AV-21 schematic upon completion of the instance to use for those powerplants, as well as a badge.

I've made a lot of credits doing this.

More mmorpg macros.

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