Sunday, March 15, 2009

SWG Exploit: Elder Jedi - Combat while blue glowie/force ghost


Normally if you have force ghost/blue glowie activated and you enter combat the blue glowie effect is lost. I stumbled upon a way to keep the blue glowie going while fighting as long as you do not clone or shuttle.

To do it, you need to visit a Storyteller vendor.

1. Purchase any costume and a holoshroud(multiple ones if you intend to shuttle and want to redo)
2. Apply the Force ghost ability
3. Now, apply the costume you purchased.
4. Attack something and the game will pull off your costume but forget about your blue glowie.

Cloning and traveling will remove the effect, but its easily repeatable.

2. Feel free to experiment adding new things to the macro. For example I have my GCW buffs macroed to this as well.

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