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SWG not so known game tips


CLOSING WINDOWS: you can just use esc to close windows

REPLACING RINGS: if you got a new ring that is better than one of your current ones, you need to first removed the one you wish to replace before putting on the new one. if you just put on the new one first it might take off the better ring you want to keep instead.

WEDDING RINGS: you can just unequip your wedding ring and replace it with a stated ring. Just don't destroy the wedding ring.

REMOVE CLONING SICKNESS WITH A MEDIC REZ: If your friend have forgot to remove the cs then you can just kill him/her then revive and the clonesickness will be gone. Note: Sometimes the cs icon don't disappear, but don't if you check your health and action status you will see they are normal

TIME: you can check the current time by typing /checkt
/earthtime shows the time (RL)
/gametime (IG RL)

XP MONITOR: Once you reach 90, you can turn off experience monitor to free up screen space.

Pressing Ctrl +Shift + H removes all HUD for those cool screenies
Pressing Ctrl +Shift + G shows stuff like Connection info etc
ctrl+shift+S makes the camera rotate.

FINDING BUILDINGS: use /locate to get a list with coordinates to all the stuctures you own.

use /ui action toolbarSlot 12 to 23 for top row.
use /ui action toolbarPane 00 to 05 to make it go to that pane where it can then use the Slot you want before returning to your toolbar of choice.
(handy if for example you have your buffs in another pane and want to make a buffing macro)

RADAR FOR TARGETTING: if you move the curser onto a dot in the radar circle it tells you what that dot is and it's waypoints. Even more cool if you click on the dot it makes that your target. So you can simply click on a dot and your in business.

TARGET TEAM MEMBER: you can click on a name in the group list and target that team member (faster that using /tar ). can also use F keys.

TARGET OF TARGET: in option > interface there's a secondary target thing where you can change it from default "None" to "Target of Target". target of target cause another name line thingy to apear at the top of your screen. so you have yourself, your target and your target's target.
The beauty of this is that if you mistakenly target your team mate, you can just click on his target (or hit tab) and your back in business.
Also you can see who the foe is attacking so that if you are the tank jedi you know when to taunt, or if you aren't a tank you know when to flee. And for medic handy that you can target a teammate (from the list), cure/heal whatever then flip to his target and resume attack.

FIND FRIEND you can in fact use /findfriend even if someone is not on the same planet. Just check your datapad (uncheck the show only planet currently one box) and you'll be able to see what planet they are on, then travel to that planet and you can see the waypoint on your display (assuming they aren't running around). only works if you are on their friendlist.

OFF PLANET WAYPOINTS: you can make waypoints on other planets that you are not currently on by using /way , and you can also stick a name on it too.

COLOURING WAYPOINTS: you can insert a colour after /way when making a waypoing and the pin on the map and the pillar of light will also be changed. (you can use a hex code before the name you stick on the waypoint, but this won't change the pin and pillar colour)

AUTO-DRIVE: clicking the "Num Lock" key sets you to an auto-drive of sorts. You can still move the mouse to change direction. (or if you don't use mouse point mode, can steer with turning keys as per usual)

SPEEDY SHUTTLING: You can just press "I" while running and doubleclick on the ticket and poff you are gone. Note: You have to do it in the shuttle zone and you can of course not shuttle if the shuttle haven't landed yet.

CHOSING STARPORT: If you have coordinates to another planet and wonder which Star port is nearest, the coordinates themselves will help you choice. The first number of the coordinate refers to the east-west axis. a high negative number means far west, a high positive number means far east. the second number of the coordinate refers to the north-south axis. a high negative number means far south, a high positive number means far north. the lower the numbers the closer to the middle. so look at the travel map and figure out which SP is nearest to your area.

TRAVELLING FROM AURELIA (other than using Maxmillian): In Aurelia there's a house with space terminals, so you can leave the village for free and without having to run miles out of town to ITV to the starport. Fastest way home (if you registered your DNA in your home town) is to attack that L94 guard near Maxmillian

SPACE REPAIR: to get a free repair just do /escapePod yes your ship will blow up so dont do it in the middle of a mission.

HOMEPORT: use the Home Port option to hyperspace to where you launched from will save you having to travel to a space station



using: reactor overload 4, engine overload 4, weapon cap overload 4, weapon overload 4 (although dont use it much need to get a better reactor) cap to shield shunt 4, in slots 1-5

/ui action toolbarSlot00
/Pause xx (depends on the speed of your DI)
/ui action toolbarSlot01
/pause xx
/ui action toolbarSlot02
/ui action toolbarSlot03

just run the macro when you launch/get blown up.

naming stuff
CHANGE NAME: when near a factory/harvester or anywhere inside a house/building (that you own) you can use /na to open the change name window without using the control panel.

HEX CODES: hex codes can be used to colour house signs, container names, waypoints, adbarks, in mail. for an extensive list of colours:

THREE LINES ON SIGNS etc: if you want to make your sign with up to 3 lines use your note pad /no or a blank email, type the message then highlight, copy and paste into the set name slot. in order to copy and paste in SWG first you'll need to go into you keymap and assign a hot key for chat edit copy and chat edit paste. you can make a crafted item also have three lines (you will only notice when you drop the item) but you can't use hex codes on crafted items.

CHAT SHORCUTS: /gu for guild chat, /g for group, /say for say in spatial (if you are currently in guild or group chat), /rebel for rebel chat

%TT: if you want to say the name of the targetted thing or reference it in some way and don't feel like typing the name all out, you can use %TT and it will replace it with the item or persons name. Unfortunately you cannot use %TT in customised adbarks.

SHOUTING: /shout or /yell will make you heard from 100m rather than the standard 50m

/state or proclaim
/mumble or moan
/whisper (which i think has a short range)
/yell or shout (which has a range of 100m)

USING /SING FOR AFK MACRO: many people like to have a macro running to prevent ejection from the game if they are AFK too long. and quite often you've see people standing around in Mos Eisley and you get "Mr X flips a coin" or what not.
As you know some words will trigger an emote. If you use thus /sing , for example, hi, , lol, me?, yes! then you can run a silent macro (/sing hi) that doesn't periodically spam out "Mr X waves"

you can use /alias to set something not too unlike a macro. doni recommends using them to access the in game browser to automatically connect to certain sites but they can also be used for in game text.

type in the chat

/alias example: /say Hello everyone

then it say alias "example" set

then you do

and it will then make you say "Hello everyone"

if you want to clear that alias the use
/unalias example

you can use /gu or /g as the case may be and for example set up some with quick commands you would want to say in the heat of battle but don't want to take the time to say full out. now just / and the name of the alias is all you need to type and it will do the rest for you.

More mmorpg macros.

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