Thursday, March 12, 2009

SWG Trick: getting by umakk breano for master jedi cloak


Master Jedi Cloaks

A simple macroto beat Umakk can help alot. Stay in focus as the guide describes until you need to heal then launch a Macro that will:

1- Switch to Stance
2- Hits the Heal
3- Hits the Reflect (it does help with alacrity as the guide says)
4- Pauses for 10 sec's (to let the cooldown on the stances run)
5- Switches back to Focus

Watch the debuff and time the Macro so that focus comes back before the debuff runs out. This combined with Officer Stims to fill in between heals works great. If you also run the Saberblock macro you really only need to hit 2-3 buttons:

1- Macro Heal described above
2- Officer Heal Stim's

This really allows you to just sit back and keep an eye on the timers of the heal and debuff. I stacked Parry with PuPs and exotics and used the Block Meditate ability. Ent Buff was Kinetic, Glancing Blow, Healing Potency. Used Thatkillo, Numbing stuff from Base, Defensive Wild Force Shard, Village Health crystal, Med Buffs, and Officer Buff. I also had the Officer /follow so the group buff stayed active.

More mmorpg macros.

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