Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SWG cheat : easy helmets and loot, T2 blacksun ship spawing cheat


Here is a trick to get Tier 4 Black Sun ships to spawn forever. Good way to loot a Black Sun Ace Helmet and good space loot.

Kashyyyk expansion, Etyyy Access and haven't completed the Chiss Backpack quest.

First head to Mada Johnson in Kachirho, she is on the third level of the Great Tree at -478, -92. Mada wants you to help find her brother and she'll have you speak with a Wookiee. He is in the cantina of the Great Tree on the 2nd level. He'll want to know what Mada looks like. Tell him what you saw, if your forgot just /target Mada and examine her. She should be light hair, blue eyes and red tattoo. After that the Wookiee will tell you of someone who may know where Brody Johnson is. He sends you to Chrilooc in Kachirho at -700, 11. Speak with him and he'll have you fly a space mission. After that he'll send you to the Etyyy, Hunting Grounds to talk to a guy who may know where Brody is. The guy he sends you to is Johnson Smith at -393, 867 in the Arcona Compound. He'll give you the choice of two quests. One will be to look for Brody this quest leads to the Bantha mount. You'll want to do the other option for the Chiss Backpack, Kkorrwrot Trophy and the "...has hunted and killed a Kkorrowrot in the Hracca Glade of Kashyyyk" Badge. After talking with Johnson you'll need to speak with Ryoo Finn next he's in the Arcona Compund as well, at -614, 851. Go back to Johnson and tell him about Ryoo and he will ask you to help him. Arcona get high off of salt so he's going to have you find Ryoo's stash of salt he lost, head to -967, 893 to find Ryoo's Bag. Use the radial menu and select use to pick it up. Now just head back to Johnson Smith with the bag of salt. If you go back to Ryoo Finn he just keeps asking for his salt, you'll never give it to him even if you try.
Once back to Johnson Smith he'll tell you to talk to a Chiss that is right next to him in another tent at -383, 853. Her name is Kara Corlon. She'll ask you to help her deliver some items in space.

Here is the trick:
Complete the first delivery job in Dantooine and get the next delivery job to Tatooine. Once you enter Tatooine space you will get a waypoint to the delivery spot. If you go 100-200m to the waypoint then a wave of Black sun ships spawns. If you keep killing enough Black suns then a another wave appears. The black sun ships will continue to spawn until you hyperspace, die or complete the mission.
When you don't want to kill more black suns then you just hyperspace or land to cancel the mission. Now you can just go to Kara and get the delivery mission but this time she gives you the Tatooine delivery mission at beginning and you just hyperspace to Tatooine to start the spawning again.

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