Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SWG: Soloing Droid Army as Jedl


What you have to do is get a droid that can shoot, like a battle droid, probot droid, droideka, ect.

Now what you do is go into the Droid army, send your droid to attack a large group, then it will get killed and stored back in your inventory, next they will agro you, so you have to force run away so that they chase you, but dont run too far away or you will lose agro.

Now heres the trick
If you run far enough but dont lose agro, the droids will not attack you, but continue to follow you. Now do this with every group of droids including the Boss.

Once you have done this with the boss, use saber throw or something like that on him to get his agro AND DONT USE ANY AREA ATTACKS!!!! Now just TANK AND SPANK!!!!

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