Saturday, May 9, 2009

I think the end is near for me!

Going back through my time here with SWG and then here its been a great experince! All good things though come to a end! For me playing SWG I for the first time see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Alot of things did bring me to this one. So ill try to go over things here and what has led me to finnally quit. First and four most elitest's in the senate and there private boards. What am I talking about here? Well the senate has private boards again. There are a group of senators as well with there elitest views that the Devs have listened to. These views are not the majorty of the players though! Some of the senators who do post on these boards post there own personal agenda and then turn around and denie that this is how they feel on public boards.

Eliminating things in game instead of fixing core issues is what some senators are doing and pushing. For instance player bases the Current Rebel Senator has been pushing for eliminating player bases and turning them into decorations. Well that has now been confirmed that is what will take place with GU 10. So instead of fixing the issue with player bases and yes there was plans to fix them at one time! We now have all ticks being removed from player bases. This does a few things here first this takes more PVP out of the world with no chance of it returning. What im saying here is easy explained with what was planned for the player bases long ago. That was heavy artillary web weapons more defenses and changing player bases back to planatary control points. This would have given reason for player bases to be defended and destroyed and you could easily eliminate GCW ticks from them as well still giving player bases a reason to be blown and defended again in game. Instead we got a Rebel senator in on the private boards pushing for the elimination of player bases all together! This idea falls easy into a developers hands as the easiest way to do there job and not having to add any more content! In turn this senator can and has been to faced with the community on public boards while stabbing them in the back behind closed doors!

Another reason why im leaving is also due to player bases! I did to big of a push to get these placed back into the game when they first were eliminated when the NGE hit. Im not happy at all with them making them totally useless and without even working them back up to what they could be. Again easy solution to the mess is eliminate them all together since this is what some elitest senators think should happen.

The GCW is also not PVP only and it never has but this is the direction they are going with it and that is also due to alot of other senators pushing for this. The crap that is said on these private boards would inflame even one of the noobish players. These senators think that this game is for elitest only meaning there should be no leveling system that is worth while and all concentration should be on only level 90's and not new players to the game. This mentallity will only make this game have less and less subscriptions in the end.

From the start I have never quit this game thought about it talked about it many times but never actually done it. This time is turning to be differnt it looks like. I have 4 accounts 24 level 90 characters. I just cancelled 2 accounts. Once all this goes into affect the other 2 will be shut off as well! This game was never just a PVP only game but now im afraid this is what is the easiest answer for them to do with the game since deleting PVE content to tryto force more PVP is some of these senators objectives. Ill say this much force PVP on me in any game and the only thing you wont see is my pocket book in that game!

Its been great here, but I think its time for me to also move on out of the SWG section. Dont worry though ill make sure I get you all some great AFK PVP legal macro's to grind GCW up inside your own personal homes or were ever. Ill make it easy and ill make this PVP update a huge failure! Ya that comment might piss some of you off here lol. Thats ok beacause the way the developers think with this game is to delete things instead of fixing things to make a more simpler game. In turn they make a simper system to exploit the game from.

Im actually really looking at LOTRO and getting into that game. WOW is just to good of a game for me to play and for me to get trapped into. Well im here to atleast publish 10 goes live and then it really does look like this time im done. I will though be heading to SWTOR when that comes out. I also will be looking at gathering info for SWG at here atleast until I find a replacement moderator for this section once I become out of touch with the game.

Its been fun I was able to have here as a platform that did create many changes in game for SWG. I have no regrets either its been a blast here as a moderator for this section. I will throw some new exploits on up as they become available on AFK PVP and GCW just for this mess that they are doing here. I know they will be stolen and posted on every exploit board out there once there posted here and thats just wonderful. If the Rebel GCW senator thought that base clubbing was a huge issue just wait for what im going to get out here posting on with PVP GCW macro's and legal exploits lol!

I know mmOverload will keep up a SWG section, but I am out off that part. I will still be active on the site, but mostly with lotro cheats and such.

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