Monday, May 4, 2009

SWG: Fast crafting 1-90, a cheat and or guide for gaining crafting levels

Ok for all those that are script illeterate like myself autoit might as well be written in greek but there is hope yet for those of you need it the most simple program to work and configure.

Do what you need it to do Actmaker is the name and ATM i dont have a link but a simple google search should point you in the right direction first you go to game options and chose windowed and bordless window.

Next run the program after it has been installed ctrl+F11 to record Ctrl+F9 to stop and Ctrl+F10 to start but before you start it hit alt+tab and look in your toolbar on the right it will be minmized open it and go to configure and there you can adjust how many times you want it to run and how fast or slow and thats about the just of the bot.

As for the quickest way to Grind youll need the following Resources Iron,Alumin,Steel,Carbonate Ore,Water,and Amphorus Gemstone and makeing the Following--

53 Survey Tools to lvl 10
28 wind generators to lvl 18
175 Crafting Stations to lvl 42
325 Fountains to lvl 86
50 Gungan Heads to lvl 90

Should take all of 3 hours or less

Iron 200k
Alumin 2k
Steel 3k
Carbonate Ore 500k
Amphorus Gemstone 55k
Water 500k

be careful for moderators it looks weird if someone just gaines levels instantly. Go in the middle of nowhere to do it.

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