Thursday, June 18, 2009

SWG Macro: Pet grind to 50 in 48 hrs


So you just got a pet. You want this pet to reach your level or higher? Well don't worry because I'm here to tell you my little way of Grinding and All of my good spots.

Okay so you just got a pet from a Brazzar or Incubator.

Step 1: Supplies
- Get your grinding Supplies.
- You will need to spend quiet alot of money depending on the Server you are on.
- Items:
* Beast Dietary Supplements ( A-N )
* Beast Favorite Food
* Go around learning all the skills your beast is able to learn.

Step 2: Macros
- petattackmacro
/ui action cycleTargetOutward; - Selects a Target
/pause 2;
/ui action petToolbarSlot0; - Pet Attack
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot4; - Skill 1
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot3; - Skill 2
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot5; - Skill 3
/pause 2;
/ui action petToolbarSlot4; - Skill 1
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot6; - Skill 4
/pause 14; <--- (thats how long for your pet to take a break from fighting)
/macro petattack;

- Heal Macro
/ui action toolbarSlot03; <-(thats if u have mark of the beast)
/pause 10;
/macro heal;
* If your Profession is a Medic. Then I suggest Making a Macro to Rebuff your Pet.
(This Will Speed up the Process)

- AFK Macro
/macro AFK; - It does not need adjustments.

Step 3: Leveling Spots
- I got most of my spots off of

@ But I will give you the Biggest Tip Ever!@
#Have you pet kill Creatures 4-5 levels lower than Its own Combat Level. This Way your pet can Keep killing them til there is an 11 Level gap Between them - Then switch Opponents.

$Money Makin Tip$
- Have Autoloot-ON
- If you want to type into the chat box
* /follow (name of Pet) Dewback,Charlie,Dora... ETC.

That Is all I have for today I will be posting more Fun filled Macro and Beast Training Tips.

- All Credit goes to SWGpets for their Spots And The rest of the Credit goes to Kilomarrow (IGN: Minorr Threattt[Alisan] on the server Sunrunner)

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