Monday, June 29, 2009

SWG Pet grind 1-90 in 12hours, Easy and simple


Before you do anything, you need to go buy a crate or 2 of pet stims, this will make the exp gain increase by a LOT. After that...

1) Respec to ent or crafter and grind to lvl 10

2) Put your 5 expertise points into the BM tree

3) Grind your pet to lvl 10 using spawns outside Eisley or Bestine

4) Go to the spawn at /waypoint 3723 -5196 on Tatooine, and find a spot you think your pet can live (if you made a DPS pet you need a small corner of spawns, if you made a armor or deffensive pet it should be able to take more spawns.) If you have a nice medic friend who is going to be AFK for a while, ask them to heal your pet while you run this grind as well, makes it a whole lot easier. You will also need the following macro:

- call it grind
/ui action petToolbarSlot0
/pause 6;
/ui action CycleTargetOutward;
/pause 1;
/macro grind

5) When your pet reaches 45,000% exp, respec back to your combat profession, then head to a spawn that has lvl 80 NPCs and kill them with your pet. For each NPC you kill that your pet attacks, your pet will get a level due to stacking the exp to 45,000%

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