Monday, June 22, 2009

SWG Tip- Really fast leveling (80+kxp an hour at 15!)


On the legacy chain you get a quest at watto, "pod retrieval", where you must go talk to an'kwee or whatever, than do the 3 races, the exploit lets you do this again and again without racing.

  • 1. Complete pod retreival and the 3 races mission
    when you return to watto, dont accept "repo man"

  • 2. actually get the XP for pod retrieval than Talk to watto again, about your data pad losing the information

  • 3. return to an'kwee, this time the pod racing part will instantly finish and you can go grab the part

the quest is 4,200 credits and 6,800 XP and with the Royal ship ITV and AT-RT i can shell out 1 quest every 4-5 minutes

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