Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SWG: Watto-(Pod Retrieval) Exp Cheat!

Quest: Pod Retrieval

NPC's: Watto

Method: Watto sends you out for a droid motivator... Travel from Mos Espa to Mos Entha and find An'Kwee. She knows where the motivator is, but won't tell until you prove yourself. She send you to Draknus... he will "test" you with three (very easy) speeder races. The races are against the clock and you have as many tries as you need. Once you have completed the races, Draknus will send you back to An'Kwee and she will give you the location of the part. Go get the part and get back to Mos Espa. When you get to Watto's shop, complete the quest. You'll get:

6885 XP
4200 Cr
Toxic Weapon Spray
Capacitor Overcharger

This is the important part!!!! Do not accept the next mission from Watto. Just stop talking to him altogether. When you go to speak to him again, he will ask about retrieving the motivator you just gave him (Why??? who knows??) and your only choices are "I haven't been there yet" and "Stop Conversation." Choose the first one, of course... same with the next (only one response) "My stupid datapad..." and again for "can you give me the info again." You will begin the mission again, except when you return to An'Kwee she'll send you to Draknus and (before you have a chance to run in his direction) the races will auto complete and you can go get the part. Get back to Watto's and do it again and again!!!

With a Speeder and my ITV I have been able to repeat this in about 4 minutes. That means 103275 XP, 63000 Cr, 15 Toxic Weapon Sprays, and 15 Capacitor Overchargers per hour. For nothing. Super easy, no combat...
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Monday, July 27, 2009

SWG Exploits - New ent buff sploit!

Yes the other one was nerfed with 11.3 BUT there is a new one lol. Not as juicy as the last one. All you have to do is get 1 pt in each armor and whatever else you like. Die twice and your armor values with max out and some, if you have stat mods in there, will go up as well. Have tried this multiple times and the armor's always seem to work. So instead of having to put 5 in each armor, put 1 and you get 8 extra points to spend elsewhere. Enjoy.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

SWG Trick: Landing Rights for Multiple Toons, use the homing beacon on more than 1 toon

For those who have the homing beacon, if you've ever packed up your house and moved you'll have noticed that the homing beacon (which lets you land at the homing beacon location from space) continues to drop you at its previous location until you pick it up and drop it again.

This means that you can drop a house in the middle of nowhere, drop the beacon, move your house and still retain the landing zone as an option.

As the homing beacon has recently become no trade shared, you can pick this up with another toon on the same account, drop it in thier house and PRESTO! both toons can land via the homing beacon from space. Each toon will retain its separate landing location.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SWG Rare loots: Loot table examined

After examining data and general loot behaviors, here's how you can get the rare drops every time:

1. Get a full group. This included droids, etc. and they don't have to all be in combat.

2. Find a spot where you can kill lots of stuff. This has to include the mob that drops the rare loot, but can include other things too.

3. Set up an AFK macro that kills and keeps you in combat with less than a 5 minute pause between kills.

4. Grind for about 4 hours. After that the rare drops start coming, due to the loot table being 'spooled up'.

The way this works is the loot table is based of a random algorithm with modifiers. The amount of time in combat, the size of the group, and the amount of downtime all influence the loot table. Once the server determines that all of these have been met for a period of time, the next level of rarity for loot is locked in (eliminates the useless stuff like the posters). This continues again for 2-3 times depending on the spawn and how many levels they have of rarity of loot. Once you're maxxed, you only have the highest and second highest rarity of loot dropping.

This has been confirmed to work using the spawns on Dathomir to get 4/5 sith waistpack as well as ancient flawless krayt pearls, but please feel free to test it too.
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

SWG Guides - Run Droid Commands from anywhere on ship

It's a bug/lesser known fact that all pilot abilities and droid commands can be used from anywhere on the ship (EXCEPT the pilots chair).

All you need to do is use the slash commands associated with that particular ability or command.
For example:

Iff scramble - /Iff
Shield shunt 3 - /droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldthree
Shield shunt 4 - /droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldfour
Capacitor Overload 4 - /droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupfour
Capacitor Overload 3 - /droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupthree
Bomber Strike - /bstrike1(/2/3)

This comes in handy on PoBs if you get attacked while outside the pilot chair, or in other scenarios (Such as griefing a group by moving all their stored shield power to the front while being chased by tier 10s )
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1. buy a heavy mineral harvestor deed

2. place it near the krayt graveyard were theres a good/decent spawn of krayts

3. kite the krayts to ur heavy mineral harvestor

4. trap them to a point where they cant get you anymore

5. now blast away and enjoy xD the soloing!! no need for dirty loot whores

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wear both the Cloak of Hate and Shatterpoint Cloaks

Ok, here we go.

1. Place the Cloak you WANT to wear into a Pack and place it in a structure you own.
2. Equip the Appearance Cloak (Either the cloak of hate or shatterpoint cloak.)
3. Pick up the PACK only, and you'll have both in your inventory.
4. Equip the Cloak you wanted to equip that was in the pack.

Note: You cannot unequip, only DROP the cloak you are wearing (Equipped) into a house/PoB you own.

This works as I've had a lot of fun testing it and talking with GM's in game with it going on lol.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SWG Exploits - Exploiting entertainer buffs!

First get an ent buff for 3750 kin and energy armor... get the shortest buff you can, about 14 mins or so. Then kill yourself on your alt until the buff decays completely. Buff must go away with a death. In some cases I had 10 seconds left and it timed out. In those cases the glitch did not work.

Then, watch an ent nearby immediately and get 3750 of any 1 armor and then any other stat you want to glitch.

So far it only seems to work on attributes and combat stats. If anyone finds a way glitch xp or harvest faire, please let us know.

I was able to glitch 2 stats by not putting any points in armor the second time you buff.

After you have decayed your initial buff correctly. Dont take to long in getting the glitched buff. For me, I park an alt in a cloner thats near a cantina. After I decay my initial buff, I run into the cantina, and get my buff.

So far I get it to work with one armor stat followed by the stat I want to glitch.

I updated my initial post. I've found when decaying the first buff, you must decay it completely with a death. Cant let it count down to zero..

Also, after losing the first buff, it is possible to get something like:
3750 Energy
3750 Kinetic

I ended up with full armor and 3750%GB and Crit.

I have done it with all three of my toons back to back.

Also, if you talk to an Ent when you are getting the Kin/Ene before watching the ENT if you don't know him/her.

What I do is write out the tell first, send it, wait a few seconds, then start watching.

If they give you the buff before the second tick, while the buff window is open, before accepting, Stop watching the ent, then accept. It should give you a 45-/+ second buff, instead of 14-17minute usual tick.

This is long enough for you to get killed by an alt/duel. Then spawn @ the Cloning facility and run back to Ent.

Should only take you about two minutes total and you can get max time buff with glitch afterwards.

I soloed two Ancient Krayts back to back. But no pearsl

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Friday, July 10, 2009

swg strategy: be first to terminals in battlefield

You can use this in BattleField or anywhere else.

What you need:
-A vehicle: doesn't matter which one but faster is better

How To:
-When you first enter the BattleField, make sure you are ready to fight, all buffs/pups/foods.... activated.
-Pull out your Vehicle and mount it.
-Go BEHIND the starting bunker (the one where you clone when you die)
-Now here's the trick: Stay BEHIND the bunker, ON your vehicle and press the Num Lock in order to keep your toon moving forward. Now stuck your vehicle on the back wall of the small starting bunker (should be moving from side to side as it is still trying to move forward) and wait for the Start of the Battle.
-Right before you get the "The Battle has started" system message, eveybody's warped to starting spot. Which means you also on your vehicle and your speed is already maxed!!! This mean, you'd be at least 50 to 80 metters away from your groupmates not using this trick, and this right after the battle start.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

SWG Clone Relics - The Great Hunter

Most people will probably know of the Clone Relics series of quests that were introduced with the RotW expansion.
One of the quests is started by speaking to Qakkee in the Bestine Cantina and the rewards range from pictures of the Clone Trooper and General Grievous to a Cybernetic Arm which grants the ability 'Cyborg Sure Shot' in addition to Ranged Distance & Accuracy modifiers.

The quest has you killing Dewbacks, Snorbals and Vorritors for the first 3 missions but it gets tougher for the last 2.
Phase IV sends you after a Rancor, while Phase V sends you after a CL60 elite in Kkowir Forest on Kashyyyk.

For those who want to finish Phase IV with the least amount of effort, although you are sent to Dathomir, head to Moenia instead and go to the Bunker owned by Borvo the Hutt (visited while doing the Legacy Quest chain /wp 4320 -4785). On the second floor there is a ~CL24 Rancor, which drops in about 3 hits and counts towards completion of the quest. It can be found in the same room as an elite Acklay of similar level.

Return to Qakkee and collect your 100k xp and a piccy of Gen. Grievous!

I'm sure most of you will know about this already, but I've recently returned to the game and found this quite useful.

Return to Qakkee and collect your 100k xp and a piccy of Gen. Grievous!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

SWG Bounty Hunter Sniper Shot

Everyone hates having to go prone to use sniper shot as a BH, heres a macro to use so its all fast, and automatic.

put sniper shot on the 6th slot.

/pause .5
/ui action toolbarSlot05
/pause .5

Confirmed by me, I use it

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