Sunday, July 5, 2009

SWG Clone Relics - The Great Hunter


Most people will probably know of the Clone Relics series of quests that were introduced with the RotW expansion.
One of the quests is started by speaking to Qakkee in the Bestine Cantina and the rewards range from pictures of the Clone Trooper and General Grievous to a Cybernetic Arm which grants the ability 'Cyborg Sure Shot' in addition to Ranged Distance & Accuracy modifiers.

The quest has you killing Dewbacks, Snorbals and Vorritors for the first 3 missions but it gets tougher for the last 2.
Phase IV sends you after a Rancor, while Phase V sends you after a CL60 elite in Kkowir Forest on Kashyyyk.

For those who want to finish Phase IV with the least amount of effort, although you are sent to Dathomir, head to Moenia instead and go to the Bunker owned by Borvo the Hutt (visited while doing the Legacy Quest chain /wp 4320 -4785). On the second floor there is a ~CL24 Rancor, which drops in about 3 hits and counts towards completion of the quest. It can be found in the same room as an elite Acklay of similar level.

Return to Qakkee and collect your 100k xp and a piccy of Gen. Grievous!

I'm sure most of you will know about this already, but I've recently returned to the game and found this quite useful.

Return to Qakkee and collect your 100k xp and a piccy of Gen. Grievous!

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