Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SWG Exploits - Exploiting entertainer buffs!


First get an ent buff for 3750 kin and energy armor... get the shortest buff you can, about 14 mins or so. Then kill yourself on your alt until the buff decays completely. Buff must go away with a death. In some cases I had 10 seconds left and it timed out. In those cases the glitch did not work.

Then, watch an ent nearby immediately and get 3750 of any 1 armor and then any other stat you want to glitch.

So far it only seems to work on attributes and combat stats. If anyone finds a way glitch xp or harvest faire, please let us know.

I was able to glitch 2 stats by not putting any points in armor the second time you buff.

After you have decayed your initial buff correctly. Dont take to long in getting the glitched buff. For me, I park an alt in a cloner thats near a cantina. After I decay my initial buff, I run into the cantina, and get my buff.

So far I get it to work with one armor stat followed by the stat I want to glitch.

I updated my initial post. I've found when decaying the first buff, you must decay it completely with a death. Cant let it count down to zero..

Also, after losing the first buff, it is possible to get something like:
3750 Energy
3750 Kinetic

I ended up with full armor and 3750%GB and Crit.

I have done it with all three of my toons back to back.

Also, if you talk to an Ent when you are getting the Kin/Ene before watching the ENT if you don't know him/her.

What I do is write out the tell first, send it, wait a few seconds, then start watching.

If they give you the buff before the second tick, while the buff window is open, before accepting, Stop watching the ent, then accept. It should give you a 45-/+ second buff, instead of 14-17minute usual tick.

This is long enough for you to get killed by an alt/duel. Then spawn @ the Cloning facility and run back to Ent.

Should only take you about two minutes total and you can get max time buff with glitch afterwards.

I soloed two Ancient Krayts back to back. But no pearsl

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